Elena is a travel journalist and a photographer experimenting with video and documentary-making. After graduating in American Literature at The University of Edinburgh, she has reported extensively from Italy, France, United Kingdom, Asia, and the U.S, covering travel news and reportage stories for National GeographicThe Post Internazionale, Italian daily Corriere della SeraLatitudes LifeThe Travel Magazine, and others. She contributes to Where Traveler and several other magazines and newspaper.  Her first collection of short stories, illustrated by London-based artist Elisa Carutti, has been published in May 2018 and can be purchased in most bookshops and on Amazon. From January 2017 she travels back and forth from Milan and Tokyo. At the beginning of  2018, she finished her first documentary Bee My Job . In March 2019 she released her second documentary, The Climate Limbo, a documentary funded by the European Union that focuses on climate change and migrations. She is also the outreach coordinator for Video Consortium Milan. Most of her video and journalism work can be seen on this website. 


+39 3405298339


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